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#TravelingtoTerminus Audio Review ~ Five Weeks ~ Dannika Dark

Six Months (Seven, #2)
Five Weeks by Dannika Dark
Seven Series #3
Narrated by: Nicole Poole
Release Date: July 27, 2014
Genre: Adult, Paranormal Romance
Source: Audible
Rating: 4.5 Bookworms

Destiny will find you.

Izzy has always loved the freedom and adventure of life on the road, but she's recently decided to settle down--as much as a rogue wolf can. When her boyfriend gets her a job working at a hot Shifter bar, she runs into the last person on earth she expected to see again. 

Jericho isn't the famous rock star he once was, though he still plays in a local band and loves to party. Beautiful women come and go, but music is his only passion--until a sassy redhead named Isabelle Monroe shows up unexpectedly.

Fate reunites two former friends living with one foot in the present and the other in the past. But will they have a future when one of them is forced to choose between life and death? Old habits die hard, and sometimes the toughest addictions to shake are the ones that control our hearts.

Oh-hoho! Jericho and Isabelle's story was fraught with danger and crackling with sexual tension. It was a thrill ride and I loved every minute of Five Weeks.

I knew there was more to Jericho than partying and girls. Getting a little glimpse of the man he was and of the man he could be was startling. Izzy is a force to be reckoned with. Of course, it would be a fiery redhead to bring Jericho to his knees. I adored the interactions between these two as they worked through their past and found their way back to one another. The added suspense and tension via Izzy's ex/current boyfriend had me biting my nails and breaking out with chill bumps with all the danger he posed to Izzy, Jericho, and his brothers.

Another thing I adore in this series is seeing the dynamics between all the Cole brothers. They may not be close in age but they're tight. They all have each others' backs even if they don't always agree with the other's decisions.

Nicole Poole continues to wow me with her narration. She somehow creates distinct voices for all the characters and manages to keep them straight. That all the characters are present in varying degrees in each book makes it that much ore satisfying to spend time in this world, because we get to know everyone a little bit more.

I loved what Jericho and Izzy brought out in the other - despite their past, they actually bring out the good in each other. And I really liked that Jericho was willing to fight to keep Izzy in his life this time around - he wasn't going to give up. That's my kind of guy!

Cover Reveal & Giveaway ~ Anarchy Found ~ JA Huss

I am super-excited to be able to share the cover of JA Huss' upcoming release! What do y'all think?

Anarchy Found
J.A. Huss
(SuperAlpha Series)
Publication date: December 2nd 2015
Genres: Superhero Romance

Everyone needs a hero.

That’s what Detective Molly Masters tells me. “What we need,” she says, “what the whole world needs,” she pleads, “is a champion.”

The only thing I want to talk about with Molly Masters is how I’d like to make her scream my name when I push her up against a wall, slide my hand up her thigh, and live out my wildest fantasies.

“Someone who will fight against injustice,” she says.

I’ll fight against anything you want, honey. Just come a little closer.

“Someone who will stand tall in the face of adversity,” she says.

I’ll do it standing, sitting, or lying down. See how easy I am?

“Someone who believes in the value of a good deed,” she says.

I believe in the value of me, sweetheart. Because I’m Lincoln Wade. Jaded genius, obscenely wealthy, capable of violence, and looking for revenge.

Molly Masters might have delusions of grandeur. She might see me as some superman capable of cleaning up the scum, filth, and corruption in Cathedral City.

But I’m not the hero she’s looking for.

I’m the dark alley where all her good intentions hide.

So be careful what you wish for, Molly Masters.

Because you’re about to get it.

Sign-up for the release blitz here!

Cover reveal video:
This is a hand drawn cover by Ambro Jordi – watch him draw the main image in time-lapse:

Author Bio:

JA Huss is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of more than twenty romances. She likes stories about family, loyalty, and extraordinary characters who struggle with basic human emotions while dealing with bigger than life problems. JA loves writing heroes who make you swoon, heroines who makes you jealous, and the perfect Happily Ever After ending.

You can chat with her on Facebook (, Twitter (@jahuss), and her kick-ass romance blog, New Adult Addiction (

If you're interested in getting your hands on an advanced release copy of her upcoming books, sneak peek teasers, or information on her upcoming personal appearances, you can join her newsletter list ( and get those details delivered right to your inbox.


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Brandee's Bookish Babble #8 ~ What's on Your Ereader?

Welcome to Brandee's Bookish Babble. There are many, many similar posts to this one - but basically I wanted a place to discuss bookish and/or blogging stuff and I needed a title. :) So this is my new discussion feature.


Last month, I discussed how I organize my shelves. That got me to thinking about how my genres shake out. So I took a look at my 2 nooks, since it's easier to organize on them. The first thing I noticed was how many amazing books I have waiting to be read. *winks* The second thing I noticed is that my genre phases are evident with Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance being more prevalent on my older nook, while Romance in general took over on nook #2. Anyway, here's the spread:

So, what's on your ereader?

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New Release Review ~ Eighteen (18) ~ JA Huss

Eighteen (18)Eighteen (18) by JA Huss
Release Date: November 18, 2015
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance, Taboo Romance
Source: I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. I also purchased my own copy on nook.
Rating: 4 Bookworms

Eighteen is hard.
And so is Mateo Alesci.
He's hard to read, hard to predict, hard in every way that counts. He wants things from me. 
Dirty things, nasty thing, forbidden things.
And I have to give in.
His attention is completely inappropriate, but I can't say no. The way he looks at me...the way he watches me through my bedroom window...the way he drags me deeper and deeper into his completely forbidden fantasy world just...turns me on.
He knows it turns me on.
He holds all the power. He holds all the cards.
He holds my entire future in his hands.
And I have to give in.
Because Mr. Alesci is my teacher.
And I need everything he's offering.

**Please note this is labeled as a taboo romance. If that's not your thing, you have been warned.**

JA Huss is one of my favorite authors. I never know what she's going to throw at me. I like that because I usually get something different and I'm always satisfied. With Eighteen, I knew something really different was coming my way. And although I had some difficulty with parts of it, Huss still left me feeling satisfied when I was finished.

Shannon has had a helluva life so far. In the last year, she's moved 3 times and lost her sister. When we meet her, she's celebrating her 18th birthday by having a mini-meltdown in the counselor's office where she's just been told she needs several more credits in order to graduate on time. I admit it took me a little while to connect with Shannon. Her woe-is-me attitude, along with getting high to escape the woe (we actually never see her get high - she only talks about having done it in the past) was bothersome. But I did come to understand her attitude. She lives with her jerk of a brother-in-law and her infant niece - the only living relative she has left. She's been struggling with life for awhile having lost her mom and then being dragged around the country by her older sister, who was given custody of her. There's not a lot to be happy about. But she does have a few people who look out for her - a friend at school, her counselor, and then she meets her new math teacher, Mr. Alesci.

Mateo Alesci is gorgeous, smart, and funny. He's bossy but caring and kind. He knows how to teach math to Shannon in a way that really works - even if it's completely unconventional. (and one I'd not approve of being used on my daughters) But I had some issues with him. It wasn't that he was 28 and clearly attracted to his student - Shannon's 18 and legal. It wasn't exactly that he seemed to have been stalking her. And it wasn't that he had interesting proclivities. It was more that, once they began a relationship, he ruled. He didn't always allow Shannon to think or decide things for herself which contradicted his assertion of her intelligence.

The reason this is a 4 Bookworm rather than a 3 Bookworm rating is that Huss somehow got me completely invested in both Shannon and Mateo and I was pleased to have been a part of their emotionally maturing journey. Because that's what I experienced. I got to witness Shannon grow and change - pull her shit together and become an adult. I watched Mateo change - realize what he had and that in order to keep it, he had to loosen this hold - actually let go - and allow Shannon the time she needed to figure out what she wanted and choose how she'd get there. So yeah, incredible character growth. And it's something Huss is superb at conveying.

Then there are a couple of supporting characters that rocked their roles. Huss gave Shannon the support she needed in Mr. Bowman, her counselor, and Sunday, a boy from school - people who genuinely cared about her and were there for her when she needed them the most. The kind of people you'd hope all kids have in their lives.

Eighteen was interesting - not what I was expecting. But Huss has a way of always delivering a much deeper story than what appears on the surface. So even though I wasn't immediately enamored with Shannon or Mateo, in the end I was completely satisfied.

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#TravelingtoTerminus Review ~ Magic Rises ~ Ilona Andrews

Magic Rises (Kate Daniels, #6)Magic Rises by Ilona Andrews
Kate Daniels #6
Release Date: July 30, 2013
Genre: Adult, Urban Fantasy
Source: Purchased Paperback
Rating: 5 Bookworms


Mercenary Kate Daniels and her mate, Curran, the Best Lord, are struggling to solve a heartbreaking crisis. Unable to control their beasts, many of the Pack's shapeshifting children fail to survive to adulthood. While there is a medicine that can help, the secret to its making is closely guarded by the European packs, and there's little available in Atlanta.

Kate can't bear to watch innocents suffer, but the solution she and Curran have found threatens to be even more painful. The European shapeshifters who once outmaneuvered the Beast Lord have asked him to arbitrate a dispute--and they'll pay him in medicine. With the young people's survival and the Pack's future at stake, Kate and Curran know they must accept the offer--but they have little doubt that they're heading straight into a trap...

It's been a few years since I read the Andrews - they welcomed me back into the Keep with open arms...and bared teeth.

Magic Rises evoked so many feelings, I thought I'd list them here.

  • Sadness and Anger

I felt sadness over what the Pack was dealing with watching their kids go loup - and not being able to do a thing about it. I was sad and angry that the Pack was pulled into a trap with a cure being dangled as bait. And I was sad but mostly mad at Curran over behavior and my lack of understanding it for a large portion of the book.
I was saddened and angered that Kate was made to feel as though she'd never fit in the Pack - that no matter what she did, how loyal she is, how long she'd fight, some would never fully accept her.

  • Surprise

I was shocked at who was behind the trap and all that went down after the reveal. I was surprised at some of the horrific things that occurred while the Pack was performing their duties away from the Keep. I was surprised at the many new creatures introduced and the mythology behind them.
I was shocked, horrified, and deeply saddened by certain events that happened at the direction of the one who set the trap as well.

  • Satisfaction

The Andrews know how to deliver a well-crafted story. It was engaging and compelling. It was action-packed with incredibly choreographed fighting scenes. They inject just enough humor to keep me from wanting to curl up and cry. Their characters are exquisitely crafted, personalities crystal cut and clear. And their mythology and world building is riveting.

Magic Rises has it all! And I'm chomping at the bit to read the next installment. I can guarantee it won't be years in between.

Brandee's Bookish Babble #7 ~ Why I'm Perpetually Behind

Welcome to Brandee's Bookish Babble. There are many, many similar posts to this one - but basically I wanted a place to discuss bookish and/or blogging stuff and I needed a title. :) So this is my new discussion feature.


Well, that's a leading title, isn't it? Yes, I am perpetually many things. But in this case, I'm speaking of book series. While trying to determine each and every series I'm in need of catching up on, I had to ask myself why I'd gotten so far behind. There are a several reasons, really. And I thought it'd be fun to explore them and see if y'all get behind in series for the same reasons.

  1. Story got boring. Yep. I got bored. This has happened with a number of YA series - House of Night and Evermore to name a few. I finally did finish Evermore (and my daughter wouldn't allow me to just read the final book to find out how it all ended) and I have a friend who swears HoN gets better (I stopped at 10) I honestly got to the point where I wondered "When is this going to end?" And that does not bode well for a series' chances in my book.
  2. Long lag time between installments. There are several series that I fell behind on because I had to wait a year or more for the next book. It's not that I won't catch up - I will - but I began reading other things that were available and well, those I was waiting on keep falling lower and lower in the queue.
  3. Sheer number of books. <-- Funny, right? Seriously though, the epic number of books I have is prohibiting my catching up. As I've mentioned, I'm a one-click addict and I have quite the digital and physical libraries. Because of all the choices, sometimes my series fall way down the list in priority.
  4. Time is elusive. This relates to #3, of course, but finding time to read in a schedule filled with family, blogging and writing 'obligations' (I use that word loosely since I do the reading, blogging, and writing for fun) is hard.
These are the top reasons why I'm in desperate need of a series catch up. There are authors who, for whatever reason, I stay caught up with. I don't know if this is because they rank higher in priority or if it's because I have certain friends who threaten to unfriend me for not keeping up, OR if the series is more enjoyable. But I'm very happy to have scheduled time for series catch up. Hopefully I can make a dent in my TBR pile. ;)

What about y'all? Are you behind in some series? Is it for the same reasons I'm behind?

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That's What HE Said #45 ~ Thirsty Thursday & Hungry Hearts #24

That's What He Said is a weekly meme hosted by the lovely ladies @Chapter Break. Here's the deal: every Thursday, post a line from your book boyfriend to his heroine. Keep in mind, these are direct quotes from dialog in the books. The quote doesn't have to be romantic - just something our hunky hero said to his lucky lady. Be sure to link up over at Chapter Break as well.

My pick this week for That's What He Said is from:

Magic Rises by Ilona Andrews

"I love you and you love me, and we're both too fucked up for anyone else. Who else would have us?"

Why yes, this is what constitutes romance between Kate & Curran. And even though I spent so much of Magic Rises tied up in knots, I loved it!


I grabbed a mug and watched him pour the nearly black liquid out. Back when we both worked for the Mercenary Guild, Jim preferred to take night jobs. The giant vat of coffee was made one, in the morning. By the end of the night, no sane soul would touch it. Jim drank it like water.
Jim filled my mug. I sniffed it. So far, so good, I took a brave sip. The bitter scalding liquid slid a third of the way down my throat and got stuck. "Dear God."
He grinned.
"Jim, if I turn the cup upside down, it will roll out slowly like molasses."
"That's how you know it's good. Drink it, it will put hair on your chest."

I like my coffee strong, but this is a bit too strong. ;)

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Blog Tour Review, Excerpt, & Giveaway ~ Sinful ~ Jennifer Dawson

Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for Jennifer Dawson's Sinful. My stop includes my review, an excerpt, and a giveaway. If you haven't yet started the Undone series, the first book, Crave, is *on sale*. Be sure to grab a copy and dive into this world!

You can follow the Sinful tour here.


Sinful by Jennifer Dawson
Undone #2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: November 17, 2015
Source: I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review
Rating: 4 Bookworms
Goodreads ~ Amazon ~ B&N

I’ve wanted my brother’s best friend, Leo Santoro, for too many years to count. 
No matter what I do, he won’t confront the attraction that burns between us. 
It’s time to put him behind me once and for all. 
I have no choice but to call his bluff.
And then I will walk away. 

The last woman I should want is my best friend’s baby sister, Jillian Banks. 
No matter what I do, she won’t ignore the attraction that burns between us.
It’s time she learns the real me. 
The only promise I can make is that her fantasies are no match for reality.
And then I’ll watch her walk away.


I make a very good show of hiding it, but the second Jillian walks through the door it’s like some sort of internal sonar is flipped on, sending out waves through the air. 

It’s been that way since the moment I laid eyes on her all those years ago. I still remember with vivid clarity the first time I saw her, before I knew she was my best friend’s baby sister. Therefore permanently off limits. 

I’d stood on stage, the bright Chicago sun glaring against my dark uniform as I graduated from the academy, my family beaming at me from the audience. My youngest of three sisters, Talia, waved frantically and I winked, attempting to remain serious and cop-like. Jillian was two rows back, her hair a dark cascade over her shoulders, a wide smile on her very fuckable lips as she laughed at something the person next to her said. She’d worn a sleeveless powder-blue dress that cut in a V down the slope of her breasts and clung to her tall, curvy frame. Everything about her was lush, strong and gorgeous. 

My first thought was that she looked like the kind of girl I’d like to hurt. In a good way, that would drive her crazy and make her come all over the place, but still a fucked-up thought by most people’s standards. I take my sex hard, rough and a bit cruel. I like to control and bend a woman to my will. I like her wanton and begging. Mad with uncontrollable, all-consuming lust, and there is just something about Jillian that calls to that dominant, slightly sadistic part of me like she’s crack.

Ms. Dawson's writing is so inherently readable. It flows at a natural pace and provides an engaging story and characters. Nice.

I met Jillian and Leo in Crave. Actually, on the timeline, Sinful occurs prior to Crave, so going in I already knew what would become of Jillian and Leo. But how they got there - that was a story I was eager to know.

Jillian and Leo met on the day Jillian's brother, Michael, and Leo are graduating from the police academy. There's an immediate attraction but since Leo and Michael have become close friends, Jillian if off-limits. Jillian and Leo are consistently around one another but Leo staunchly refuses to engage in anything beyond being friends. After years, Jillian finally decides to give it one last try before moving on.

Leo is a kind, loyal and loving man - who also happens to be a Dominant. He also has a history that has prevented him from becoming close to anyone in the romantic sense. Jillian is seen as a girl who can't settle on anything or anyone. She's determined and loyal but seems unable to commit to something. They seem so improbably but make so much sense.

Falling into this world and these characters was comforting and easy. Witnessing Jillian and Leo explore all that's between them - even Jillian's discovery of her submissive side - was a pleasure. I also enjoyed seeing Michael again as well as meeting Brandon. I'm actually hoping for more of him. ;)

I think the only thing that could have made this better - evoked more emotion - would have been exploring Jillian's and Leo's pasts a little more extensively. We're told more than shown things about their personalities, that affected their personalities. Overall though, I was thrilled at getting their story and I hope to spend more time in the Undone world.

Tour wide giveaway for $30.00 Amazon gift card and e-copies of Crave and Sinful. Open internationally. 

Jennifer Dawson grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and graduated from DePaul University with a degree in psychology. She met her husband at the public library while they were studying. To this day she still maintains she was NOT checking him out. Now, over twenty years later they’re married living in a suburb right outside of Chicago with two awesome kids and a crazy dog. Despite going through a light FM, poem writing phase in high school, Jennifer never grew up wanting to be a writer (she had more practical aspirations of being an international super spy). Then one day, suffering from boredom and disgruntled with a book she’d been reading, she decided to put pen to paper. The rest, as they say, is history. These days Jennifer can be found sitting behind her computer writing her next novel, chasing after her kids, keeping an ever watchful eye on her ever growing to-do list, and NOT checking out her husband.

Author Links:

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Crave Sale:  November 9th through the 30th get book one, Crave for 1.99 

Crave Blurb: 
I vow. I crave. I give in.

I used to be a nice, normal girl.  I had dreams.  Good, happy dreams of white picket fences, 2.5 kids, and a fairytale love that lasts forever.  Nobody warned me the prince dies three weeks before the wedding.  

Like any addict, I swear this time is the last…. 

Now, I go through my days, a shadow of my former self. I pretend I’m okay, and the people in my life pretend to believe me.  But, sometimes, when I can no longer stand the craving my dead fiancĂ©e left behind, I roam an underground sex club looking for my next hit. It’s dirty and wrong, but I can’t stop, and my only line of defense between them and me, is the rules I’ve designed to keep me safe. With free, no-strings attached sex; men always abide by my rules. Until I meet him.  

And, like any addict, I’m wrong.

Amazon ~ Barnes & Noble